Tracks in the snow

After a fall of snow the first visit to Allotment Heaven is always a careful one… before my big boots have obliterated everything it’s good to check what’s been visiting the plot by looking for tracks. So here’s what I found…

Freezing my butt of at the moment… the boiler started leaking last night on the coldest night of the year. Bit of a panic when I attempted to book an engineer on line, having got fed up hanging on for a response from the British Gas call centre… no engineers available for a week! Got back on the ‘phone ready to do battle, since we pay more than £300 a year for cover. Fortunately no hassle, engineer coming this morning.

More hassle earlier in the week when I got an email from the library telling me my books were overdue. Appears although I was at the library on the day due I forgot to do the renewal when taking out additional books. Pleaded ignorance and possible fault in the system and they agreed to waive the £15 fine (yes, £15!) this one time.

Not sure if you notice any improvement in the photos in this post. I hope you do… £250 worth of improvement don’t you know! Started with me spotting Comet doing a Panasonic camera at £99, less than half price. Was this the answer to my ongoing problem to find a way to upload HD video footage to my Panasonic DMR XZ350 recorder for archiving to DVD? Having brought the camera home it evidently was not, so back I went to exchange (with Linda’s encouragement… pinch me or have I dropped into techie paradise and she’s going to force me to buy an Apple iPad next) for another Panasonic camera I spotted with the magic words AVCHD on the outside… the HD video format Panasonic had told me was required to work with the recorder. And the Panasonic DMC-TZ10 camera works like magic. Put the SD card in the recorder and it immediately comes up asking if I want to view or record the video to the hard disk. There should be photo improvements as well since it does 12 megapixel images.

Well, that’s about all. No progress on the allotment ‘cause everything is frozen bone hard. More photos below.


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