Back from a week’s holiday…

serene …and it was nothing like this! The week in Hunstanton was, well… grey! Other than a few rays of sunshine on the Saturday and a wonderfully sunny day on the Thursday, the rest of the week was leaden and quite often wet. At least Linda and I got out every day and mostly avoided getting soaked.

Highlights of the week were a wonderful view across The Wash with the calls of thousands of wading birds feeding when the tide was out (see photos at foot of this post), sitting in the square in Wells next the Sea eating lunch, and watching the setting sun over The Wash from The Waterside Bar (other than the loud music, see below).

And continuing the colour theme, the new face furniture didn’t last long… as far as Thursday in fact, when a combination of itching and the strange colour compelled me to have a shave. Granted, mousey brown isn’t the most compelling tone to have but it’s infinitely preferable to the surprising grey stuff that will insist on sprouting out. From inside my eyeballs looking out I’m perfectly capable of mimicking Viggo Mortensen, but they say the mirror cannot lie. It must be true… even an inanimate object couldn’t play such a horrible trick on me, letting that phizog stare back. So it’s back to somewhere between clean shaven and a few days growth.

Onto the loud music… twice whilst on holiday I had to ask for the music to be turned down, once in The Waterside, the other in a restaurant. Both complied fortunately, but what is it about background music being anything but in the background? You Can hardly go in any public place these days, including most shops, without an incessant and loud pop music being forced upon you. I’m sure the music is played for the benefit of the staff… maybe to keep them awake!

Back from holiday Linda and I have decided to put fruit trees around the part of the allotment that’s going to accommodate a pond and wildlife meadow. Now on the lookout for a Bramley apple and pear trees and a cobnut tree.

Finally, sad news of the death of Tony Curtis this week. Another of the great 50’s and 60’s actors gone.

Must dash now… I’ve got a son to thrash at squash, and both sons to beat this evening at pool and darts (with new set of darts and freshly tipped cue!).


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