Tempus fugit

I just don’t know where all the time has gone in the last week. Granted, I’m back to work again after a week off, so that accounts for a couple of days. But I still can’t sum up anything significant I’ve done.

Allotment-wise I’ve managed to turn over a bit more ground and tend to the chickens. Had a couple of stabs at moving the newsletter for the allotment association forward… taking so long it’s now developing from an autumn to a winter edition! Managed to fly a few emails out in an abortive attempt to have a get together before Christmas with old workmates in London (incorporating the annual historical pub crawl)… abortive since we had to cancel two dates and are hopefully now settled on a date in January.

Got the new carpet fitted in the freshly decorated living room, so just got to order the furniture later today before swiftly moving on in January to getting new visual kit (new HD telly, hard disk DVD recorder, multiple channel recording, Freesat etc etc) ready for the football world cup competition in summer next year. Also managed to reacquire all the sports titles from my sons, so I’m now squash, pitch and putt, racquetball and darts/pool champion.

Had a fantastic evening of wine tasting at Slepe Hall, courtesy of the Dreamdrops childrens’ charity. Went with John, Chris and Barry and for £10 we drank enough wine to make all of us a bit the worse for wear. Great value and interesting to boot. Oh, and watched the Christmas lights switched on in St Ives, after a cup of coffee in The Dolphin Hotel with Linda.

Hmmm… so maybe did get a bit done this week! But I am finding as the years pile on that the value of time is changing. I only work two days a week and yet find it more difficult than ever to fit everything in and avoid clashes in the diary… you’d think things should get easier with more ‘spare’ time.

And the time of year makes such a difference… currently days seem to be over by late afternoon. I long for the summer when there’s still time to go for a long walk or potter on the allotment for a couple of hours or more after a quick tea.

It’s granddaughter Paige’s fifth birthday today. All the grandchildren are growing so quickly. Connor, aged seven, is almost up to Linda’s shoulder now. Another indication of time flying by.

So you catch me in a bit of a reflective mood today. Maybe its the cold I’ve got.

Some photos from this week below. Thanks for reading my blog. John



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  1. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Great pics! We were at the St Ives lights too.
    Hope you recover from your cold soon .... there's a lot of it about ..... sniff ......


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