Grandchildren rearrange the allotment

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Popped up to the allotment with Connor and Paige during the week. Connor always goes on a den building mission (see video clip below) while Paige demands much waiting upon due to her status as a princess.
In the clip on the left she's unintentionally making mincemeat of two capertillars (sic) as she swings their new home around. They turned out to be vapourer moth caterpillars, picture below.
I'm feeling rather pleased with myself in a geeky kind of way. Barry flagged up that when video clips on my blog were played, at the end YouTube offers related videos to the viewer. Now YouTube is pretty good at monitoring its content, but nevertheless the randomness of what might be offered seemed unappealing. So the mission for a few days has been how to stop the related video clips being offered. You'll note some success when you play the clip above and at the foot of this post. If you're interested in doing the same yourself the html code is shown below.
Registered my blog on blotanical just in time for the 2009 award nominations... hope I get a mention!

Your browser is not able to display this multimedia content.

Connor den building
This code puts the video in a table so your text will wrap around it as shown at the top of this post.
Just paste into your 'Edit Html' area and paste your YouTube embed code in place of the two sections REPLACE THIS TEXT WITH YOUTUBE LINK. If you want the code to put in a table as for the video clip above this item put a comment on this post.
Vapourer moth caterpillar (click to enlarge)
Bee on globe artichoke


  1. It's always fun having the children along in the garden. Their perception of this is so different to ours!! Enjoy them : )

  2. Nice blog with a nice video. It was nice going through your blog. Keep it up the good work. Cheers :)


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