Dusty chickens

A definite sign this week that at last the weather is getting warmer and the ground drying out... the feather fiends found a patch of ground suitable for a dust bath (click image to enlarge). The spot they found was where I lit a fire last September, trying to get rid of the wasps' nest. Hope the queen wasp doesn't decide to come out from her hibernation while there's a chicken's bum on top of her!
On the theme of getting warmer, the temperature hit 60 degrees farenheit (15.5 centigrade) midweek. And yes, I have started recording the maximum/minimum daily temperatures. Bit of a blip the first day when I realised having the thermometer inside the shed was a little pointless, so I found a sheltered spot out of the sun to position the instrument. Once I've filled a page, about a couple of weeks, I'll publish a chart.
Back to work Tuesday and Wednesday, and Monday was a day at home because of the last chemotherapy session for a few months (hurrah!). Chipped away at creating more path down the centre of the back plot on the free days I had. I'm sure that path is on a conveyor belt... it seems the more I do, the more I still have to do. Dug more of the of the left hand border on the back plot as well.
Some of the garden bulbs I planted in pots in the greenhouse have started showing. In celebration I planted some radish and tomato seeds to accompany them.
Feeling a bit devoid of cups at present... well, not just feeling. After a superhuman effort to win again at squash on Sunday against son David and bring the score to 2-2 for the month, I lost the decider on Tuesday. So I'm now 2-0 down in months this year (note... we're only at February). Then on Wednesday fought my way back in the pub games competition against David and John to have a play off decider against John, only to lose that. Finally on Thursday had a great game of tennis (yes, tennis!) against Barry to lose 4-6 and another cup down the plug hole. It's almost as though getting to a play off is merit enough without having to win. That must be it... I could win every time if I wanted to but subconsciously I'm taking pity on them and LETTING them win. Hmmmm... feel better now.
Had a visit from my youngest granddaughter Izzy and mum Becky Tuesday lunchtime. She's mastered the art of scootering at almost 3 years and wanted to show me. Got a text from Becky to say she'd set off on the scooter about 12:50. No sign at our house at 13:05 so I walked down the street a bit to meet them. See the picture below (click to enlarge)... she was in pig tails as well. We then got into a routine of her scootering a bit, me then whooshing her along with both her feet on the scooter. After a couple of goes at this she looked up into my face with her big brown eyes and said lovingly 'Silly boy'!

Izzy in her Smartie coat
Sunset over Hillrise Allotments

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