Muddy progress

Gradually the long bed on the back plot is beginning to succumb to my attacks on it with the spade, but visits have been brief this week. Last weekend wasn't great weather, Monday I had first of another three chemotherapy sessions so wasn't allowed out of the house for long, Tuesday and Wednesday back at work, Thursday looked after a sick Connor while Beth got Paige from playschool, and today Becky around mid afternoon with Sammy and Izzy. But I'm getting there as this photo shows (click to enlarge), although the ground is pretty wet and you end up six inches taller because of the mud on your wellies.
Poor result on the competition cup front. David and I lost the pub games competition (pool and darts) to John on Wednesday at the Legion Club in St Ives. Won the raquetball cup only by default when Barry couldn't make our Thursday match due to another offspring-induced bout of cold. And worst of all on Tuesday I lost the first squash month to David in spite of only having to get better than a 1-3 loss... he beat me 3-0. Console myself with the fact that I am playing much better than last year (I am really, I am, I'm sure I am).
The garlic is looking strong. Big experiment since these are my own cloves from last year. First signs of the broad beans pushing their heads up. And finally, I potted up some summer bulbs, the first occupants of the 'new' greenhouse.

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