Little angels

Was it my imagination, or was there a sudden exodus of allotmenteers last Sunday afternoon that coincided with the arrival of my two grandsons pictured here (click to enlarge)? Stuck indoors for most of a miserable weekend, naturally their release into the fresh air was welcomed with shouting and screaming on their parts. Sammy isn't just taking his coat off... it tends to drop off him over time... and Connor isn't in pain, he's just trying a bit too hard smiling-wise.
They'd already been around the allotments in the wheelbarrow, climbed up and along piles of woodchip and splashed in every puddle available. Connor had managed to do his usual trick... this time he fell off a small pile of earth and twisted his knee. Sounded like his leg had dropped off, but after a few minutes of support from Sammy (him being the smaller of the two so it did looked funny!) he'd forgotten all about it.
Got all excited yesterday when I noticed what looked like a big wind turbine newly erected on one of the sheds. Wonder what the generated power is being used for... could it be to heat up the shed? But apparently it's only a windmill. Nevertheless a wind turbine's worth thinking about... it's windy enough on our allotments to keep it going most of the time.
Letters from the St Ives Town Council dropped through the letter box earlier in the week, part of which was about the best kept allotment competition. Thought about it last year but just wasn't ready. But it appears no one entered... I could have won by default! So I'm going to enter this year. What with the back plot dug over, Barry's vines in full bloom and maybe even the fruit cage up and running it'll look the business. Even the paths will be sorted out by then, progress as shown to the right. If all else fails I can enter for the unusual shaped vegetable section!
Apparently I was on the BBC local news last night! Yet another shop is shutting in St Ives, this time Eaden Lilley. I wandered past the shop this afternoon and was aware of a camerman, but he wasn't standing near the camera. Must have had it running and selected me 'cause I didn't look at the camera. Must see if I can get a copy.

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