Just the best sunsets ever?

One of the best things about my site is the sunsets... being one of the highest parts of the area (at a huge 20 metres above sea level... a mountain for The Fens) it catches some stunning dusk displays. Here are a few examples (click to enlarge).
Being forced home about 16:30 because of Winter evenings I'm seeing a lot of sunsets but not huge progress on the allotment tasks. I'm half way through preparing daughter Beth's raised bed for Winter. Becky's bed is finished, courtesy of Barry finishing it off on Sunday. I've decided the next task is to put up the free greenhouse I acquired in June. Thought I'd do it before frosts arrive... got visions of having to 'phone the emergency services to get my hands unfrozen from the metal struts. Of course that means moving the mound of earth created when I dug in my storage bin. After that I'll start digging the new plot, with a good tidy of the shed reserved for when I'm confined indoors through rain.
The plot's looking really tidy since I've been giving it the final Winter grass cut. Strimming merrily away late last week, I had one of those 'yuck' moments when a drop of liquid hit my face. The start of rain or some dew from the grass I think hopefully. But it could equally be the revenge of the slug I've just inadvertently squidged... has been in the past so I decided not to look.
Got a sudden passion to make some bird boxes over the weekend. Kit out ready to go, it soon became apparent I wasn't going far... the drill batteries were finished. So off I went to get a new drill, a Black and Decker 18v cordless big job from Argos, reduced from £99 to £69, including spare battery. So powerful I thought I'd better fix myself down to the floor to save having a carousel experience. Still managed to draw blood... as noticed by son in law (and skilled carpenter) Chris with a wry smile when the Seymour brood turned up to eat us out of house and home.
Pretty successful when I got the hang of it though, and I've now got robin and blue tit boxes on the allotment shed as well as a robin box in the garden. Now onto the hedgehog house!
Beat Barry at racquetball last night after a close fought match. Apparently as the winner I'm going to get a certificate from grandson Sammy. Miraculously pulled it back to all square this month in the squash battle against son David, though his mind's not on the game at present. So squash tally is:
Half year: 1-0 to David (5-1 in months)
Current half year months: 3-1 to David
Current month matches: 2-2 (9-7 in games to David)

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