Intruder about

Returned home from Hunstanton on Thursday evening rather stay 'til Friday morning since the weather forecast wasn't too great. Enjoyed our holiday, although the wind never stopped blowing throughout. It wasn't the weather for wearing toupees.
On my Friday allotment session there was only one item of evidence of my daughter Beth, an addition to my wipe board. No knicked pots or plants as happened earlier in the year.
By end of today I'd managed to dig over another raised bed ready for winter, weed the asparagus and leek beds, cut down the sweet corn and globe artichokes and finally plant out some lettuce seedlings. Cycled home in the growing darkness much satisfied, though at 6:30pm there's increasingly less time to do anything.
Been thinking how I'm going to tend the chickens on my working days of Tuesday and Wednesday when it's dark at 4pm. I'll just have to leave some food out for them on the Monday evening and replenish that in the darkness on Tuesday evening. More memories of Pitch Black (opens YouTube trailer of film, also see posting for November 2007).

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