First apples harvested

My daughter Becky got an old English variety of apple called Cornish Gilliflower last year and here's the first crop. Supposed to smell like cloves when cut (the name derives from the old French word 'girofle' meaning cloves) and was first discovered in 1800 in a garden in Truro, Cornwall. I've been holding off picking the three apples... they still looked a bit green and felt hard. No wonder, since the apple should be picked mid October and eaten in November or December.
Turned over the compost heap. Although no sign of Mr Ratty, lots of interest from the chickens who seem to love eating anything that moves in there. Turned over a bit more of a raised bed.
Mixed results on the sports fronts. Lost to Barry at tennis in the evening 3-6, my second consecutive defeat. I've been intending to buy a cheap trophy for the winner to hold, but think I'll wait until I'm back in a winning streak.
Miraculously still ahead against my son David at squash after a 0-3 thrashing on Sunday and a 3-2 win on Tuesday. So score to date for 2008 is:
Half year score: 1-0 to David (5-1 in months)
Current half year: 2-1 to David
Current month: 3-2 to me (12-11 to David in matches)

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