Under attack

Beginning to think that putting an upturned plant pot on top of the wasps' nest wasn't the brightest idea I've ever had. Every time I revisit the plot the little devils have pushed a way out and I've piled more earth around the pot. By now I'd imagine they're pretty cosy!
On Monday evening I'd obviously annoyed them a bit more than normal. Should have been warned when I saw one of the chickens go from calmly idling down the path past the nest to a frenzied rush and feather fluff to get a couple of angry wasps off her back. Five minutes later I was stung on the shoulder, one must have crawled down my collar.
So if tonight's super pile of dirt doesn't do the job I've got a choice, either
  • Push the pile of garden waste nearby onto the nest and set fire to it, or
  • Leave them alone... apparently in Winter they all die off other than the queen, who relocates in Spring anyway
Not sure which way it'll go.

The Pashley is back home again at last. Called Halfords on Monday to chase progress... hurrah, they were expecting the part in that day. Since I'm in Huntingdon midday any chance it'll be ready to pick up and save me a trip.... oh, don't know about that! Anyway, Halfords did manage it by noon. Will be cycling up to allotment tomorrow afternoon, and to tennis with Barry tomorrow evening.
Got a couple of figs off the tree, ripe this time. Very nice! Didn't manage the camp fire over the weekend with the grandchildren since Sammy not well. He was better by this evening at Connor's sixth birthday party, when the four of them whizzed round Beth's house.
Managed to increase my supply of poo on Sunday to supplement the compost pile by wheelbarrowing more from the dwindling cow manure delivered by the groundsmen earlier in the year. Could kick myself now... I was intending to put more straight on to some raised beds ready for winter, but I must have started a chain reaction on Sunday since it's all gone now. I'll have to do the trip up to the local stables & cart steaming horse manure back and forth.
I lost to Barry at tennis last week by the narrowest margin, 8-10 on the tie breaker. Again daughter Becky had let me down. She loaded him up with a roast dinner but failed to push the apple crumble and custard on him as well before the match. Riding high on the squash front though, after an early loss of September to son David. We've started October early as a result and I'm two up! So score is as below for the year.
First half year: 1 - 0 to David (6-1 in months)
Month score in second half year: 2-1 to David
Match score in current month: 2-0 to meeeeeeeeeeeee! (6-4 in games)

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