Only managed fleeting visits to feed the chickens over the last few days because of the dreadful weather. Even this morning, all dressed up ready to have a couple of hours on the plots, the heavens opened so I had to console myself with catching up on yesterday's Daily Telegraph until it cleared.

I was glad I got to the allotment when I did. Knelt down beside the asparagus bed, Radio 3 gently playing, I was content to spend the hour I had (after tending to the chickens) merrily weeding. The weeded leek bed looks so good, I was looking forward to giving this bed the same treatment.

That's when Peter, my allotment next door neighbour, asked if I wanted any raspberry canes. Jumped at the chance! Only three of the Woolworth's specimens I'd planted earlier in the year had survived, mainly because I took a few weeks to plant them. By the tim I'd finished for the morning I had completed my two rows as shown. Mmmmmm... looking forward to a great crop next year!

Earlier in the week son John (the one who left home the previous week) popped in to shave his head while Linda and I were down town. Decided to have a shower while he was at it. It's taking a suspiciously long time for all his stuff to move out of his ex-bedroom.

Disaster this afternoon in my effort to become the Peter Pan of squash. Lost 0-3 to son David. So score now...
First half year - 1-0 to David
Last half year - 1-1 in months, Sep score 3-1 to David, Sep games 9-6 to David
At least I'm still tennis champion... probably only by virtue of Barry being unable to play due to wedding commitments!

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