Hot stuff

Much as I'd have liked to let the wasps last until Winter when they'd all die anyway, they were looking just a little too active for my liking yesterday afternoon. Hardly surprising you might say, given that I'd been piling earth on their entrances for several days. But with me going on holiday and my daughter looking after the chickens, no doubt accompanied by a grandchild, I couldn't risk anything happening.
So yesterday evening a funeral pyre was constructed, with me dashing back and forth like a madman trying to avoid getting stung. The fore was lit atl dusk when the wasps settle down for the night. Left the plot with a big fire burning, confident that was the end of the problem.
Not at all... this morning there were even more wasps buzzing around the nest, with an entrance to the nest through the ashes. I suspect because they were all dormant in the nest they escaped any harm. Of course I don't know how deep the nest is in the ground.
So all this morning there's been a fire burning, hopefully with more effect since they should be active. Still burning when I left at 12:25, with about a foot of hot ash under the fire. If they survive and get through that I'll have to get a smoke bomb, which is apparently the conventional way of clearing a nest.
So nearly a win at squash today... 0-2 down, when I applied my usual psychological technique of telling my son I've got him just where I want him. Pulled back to 2-2, only to lose the fifth game. So score for early October start is:
Half year: 1-0 to David (5-1 in matches)
Current half year: 2-1 to David
Current month: 2-1 to me (8-7 to me in matches)
Off to sunny (I hope) Hunstanton for a few days tomorrow, so no more posts until the end of the week.

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