Got the wellies dirty at last digging up the spuds... well, half of them. Here's the result, a bucket of Pink Fir Apple potatoes laid out on the bench to dry (covered with newspaper after this photo). All my onions have dried now & are ready to be tied and hung.
So there's the continuity, because the reason I'm digging the potatoes up now is to plant out onion sets for next year. Some of my neighbours had HUGE onions, their secret being to plant now and give the sets a head start before winter sets in.
And it was definitely onion day today because the onions seeds I planted have turned into seedlings and are popping their heads up!
Three sparrowhawks were wheeling through the sky yesterday. They seemed to be playing with each other, one flying up from below to the other and then breaking away. My chickens were OK until the acrobatics got too close, when they'd rush for the safety of the run, no doubt to dash under the coop if need be. How do they know to differentiate between birds of prey and all the other birds about? I've never taught them and I don't think they've yet been attacked by one. I can't be just size because there's often a green woodpecker about as well as woodpigeons.
Son John did his first laundrette wash this morning. As the resident laundrette expert (based on family caravan holidays more than ten years ago when I was only too happy to escape to do the mid week wash so I could have a fly cigarette) I was called in to hold his hand. In he came with his washing basket filled with smalls and socks, only a half load for the tiniest of their washing machines.
Went off all OK. I left him there as the thirty minute washing cycle started, with 'mature' lady attendant fussing in the background. She was actually very helpful but I could easily see the two of them coming to blows.
Low point was when he realised they didn't provide washing powder, went off to buy a supply only to return with the wrong sort. Another trip later he was in business. Thinking about it, he might still be there for all I know!

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