Do I care a fig?

Certainly do when it's the first ever fresh fig from my own tree. When cleaning out the chicken coop on Monday I spotted one of the dozens of figs on the small tree growing nearby looked nice and large. It was also nice and soft, must be ready to eat thought I.
It was nice, but not yet fully ripe. Looks like you're supposed to wait until the fig looks on the point of bursting with a tell-tale honey like drop of moisture on the surface. Just have to be a bit more patient, but there are loads more to follow. Here's the fig on that day's clutch of eggs.
Managed to get 100 onion sets planted on the new plot where the potatoes had been previously. Only another 50 to plant.
Getting loads of small sweet tomatoes at present, but I've planted most of them too close . The result is some aren't going to ripen in time, others are starting to wilt because there's not enough fresh air circulating between them. Now I've got all this space I must take my cue from the Italians on the site and plant them with more space next year.
I've gone and done it... bought a wipe board and put a list of things to do on it! Not at all sure whether it's a good idea now. Every time I come into the shed it's there, staring at me accusingly. Tempted to turn it round so it's facing the wall. Feels just too much like another job list. Will see how it goes, but might demote it to an ideas board. That sounds much more positive.

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