What a result! I've got a butternut squash growing! Spied it (yes, only one from about 10 plants) amongst the abundant shoots and flowers that have been sprouting. With a bit of the sunshine we're badly short of, maybe it'll mature in time.

Opposite story with the canterbury bells. Put seeds into a prepared bed a couple of months ago. Saw the seedlings pop up. Then saw the weeds pop up. By the time I got to weed the bed today I wasn't sure what was weed and what canterbury bell... or in fact if there were any bells still left! Result is I've got things remaining of uncertain parentage. I'll keep a watch on them in the next week or so.

Strange happenings in the feathered fraternity over the last couple of days. Yesterday an egg was deposited just outside the coop. Today I thought I'd got another broody chicken, only to realise again after attempting to encouraging the cluck out that she was actually trying to contribute to the three eggs already laid by her sisters. But in late afternoon? It's normally always by midday.

Added to that yesterday I spied what I thought initially were lice in one corner of the coop. On reflection they were too big and I think they were woodlice, although didn't look like the ones normally seen. Tried to catch the two or three I saw without success, they disappeared under the nesting boxes. Shouldn't have worried... today it looks like one of the girls had been scratching in that corner and no doubt they've gone the way of all things that look like a possible meal.

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