Spent most of my first serious spell (i.e. more than an hour) on the plot since returning from holiday cleaning out the chickens' coop & pen.
No chance to do any planting etc, although I did return home with one of my larger vegetable hauls... thanks to Joan & Keith in the next door plot (the word plot does them a disservice since they've got one of the best & most productive allotments around). They have an excess of french and string beans and kindly gave me a big bag.

Also started a new compost bin and began to empty my oldest bin to spread out on a raised bed. The latter started frenzied activty from the feathered fiends, who never miss a meal opportunity as shown here. Was interrupted by heavy rain.
The plot looks a bit untidy at present, need to catch up on weeding and grass cutting before my sister in law Trudy arrives on Monday!

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