Picked up the new Pashley bike from Halfords yesterday. Spent an hour in the evening fiddling with all the adjustable bits while Linda was watching Inspector Poirot on the telly (sends me to sleep). Resisted the usual tendency to adjust everything so many times to get it just right I finish up with all the settings as they were originally.
Really comfortable riding position on my first trip up to the plot late afternoon. The one thing I didn't fiddle with was the seat... the springs look like an exam subject in themselves, but there is a nut you can adjust to stretch the leather. So although I returned with a slightly tender derriere I think I'll put that down to my own bodily adjustment and leave well enough alone seat-wise.

Since royalty is arriving Monday in the form of Trudy, my sister in law, thought I'd better tidy things up. Had a good strim around the path edges & whizzed (or maybe wheezed is more apt) up and down the paths with my 'new' (free from the local charity shop but I gave a £2 donation) push along mower. Finished about a third of it before I got fed up.

Got more of the oldest compost onto one of the raised beds. Starting to think about winter crops and what to plant now. Dug another few rows on the new plot.

Connor Chicken looks like she's going broody now! Noticed when I picked the eggs out from the nesting boxes that two were still warm, and later in my session I had to move Connor Chicken out of the nesting boxes. That'll be the third chicken gone broody in as many months! If she's still sitting tomorrow I'll have to call in Darren's magic box again.

Had a walk with Linda late morning in lovely warm sunshine. Strolled around Holywell with a coffee at the Old Ferry Boat Inn, reputed to be the oldest pub in England as well as having its own one thousand year old ghost.

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