My shed is a year old this month, so thought I'd reminisce on what a fun task it was to build it. But it's certainly been worthwhile... whenever the wind is whistling across Hill Rise or the rain is pouring down it's really snug & warm inside.

Bit of a slow day today. Went for another session of chemotherapy in the morning to fight the masked invader in my bladder (well, to make sure the masked invader doesn't return after being whipped out earlier in the year). So I had to hang around the house all day afterwards taking it easy. Only managed to pop up to the plot quickly to feed the chickens.

Having returned from his seaside holiday, Connor called to ask if I could go round & kick his new football with him. Said I couldn't because of medicine. Cue loads of questions. Another 'phone call just before he went to bed because he was feeling sad. Becky popped in briefly with Sammy & Izzy on their bikes. Son John off on one of his mystery overnight assignations... he's off to Ipswich this time. Think he 'meets' his girlfriends on Facebook.

Going to give Beth a training session tomorrow on how to look after the chickens while Linda & I are away at Scone in Scotland for a week. Think she'll be OK until it comes to the bit about taking the chicken poo out of the nesting boxes... otherwise the chickens will be laying on about three feet of poo!
Saw a green woodpecker on the ground as I walked up to the plot today. Couldn't get close enough to it to take a picture, so here's one off the net.

Might be last chance I get to do a Blog until I return from the frozen north on Wed 20-Aug.

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