Izzy Chicken still on the nest today looking all broody and moody. The feathers on the back of her neck were even going up in anger! So she's now in Darren's magic chicken wire bottom box to cool her off. Want to hear just how annoyed she was when put in the magic box? Click here to get a right earful!

No time to plant anything today. In between chatting to Darren from next door, Connor on the 'phone, then playing with Connor & Paige when Chris & Beth appeared, only managed to squeeze in a strim of weeds around the vines & some composting.
Had the bright (well, barely glowing as it turned out) idea to shred all the newpapers we had with the lawnmower. Since it holds moisture newspaper is really good in the compost bins, but I get a bit fed up tearing it all up by hand. Cue the lawn mower. Mistake I made was to do it while my wife Linda was in the sun lounge (our greenhouse converted to somewhere to sit in when it's cool) enjoying some peace & quiet doing her puzzle books. Replay the Izzy Chicken audio to get an idea of the reaction. Might have worked better on a less windy day. Think I'll try the big shredder at work.
Bit of a thoughtful day since it was this day last year David Eastwood, my best friend, passed away. A year younger than me, he put up one heck of a fight against bowel cancer. Amongst many things I miss our weekly battle on the squash court.

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