Bit of a rush again today. Last day of work before nearly three weeks off on holiday, & babysitting for Becky & Barry while they had another wedding location sortie. So only managed an hour on the allotment.
At last, the first tomatoes are turning red! Got loads coming on so I'm looking forward to a really good crop. Last year was a disaster because it was too wet, so hope we get lots more sunshine... it's been a bit wet over the last week. Photo not up to usual standard since it was almost 9:00pm when I took it & light getting low.
Also managed another chip away at the extra plot. Put a redcurrant bush in to join the blackcurrant bush I'd planted a couple of days ago.
Becky & Barry fixed on having their wedding at The Old Bridge Hotel on Saturday 22-Aug-2009. You can't get in their house for wedding magazines, some of which are on loan from Beth following her wedding two years ago! But The Old Bridge Hotel is very nice, probably the best hotel in the area. The wedding suite has several rooms as well as a large patio area so it should be a really enjoyable event.
Izzy Chicken is still in the magic box. Lifted the lid to see if she'd calmed down, but the feathers are still going up on the back of her neck in anger. The previous broody chicken took only 36 hours to come around, but that was after she'd been sitting in the chicken hut for three weeks on nothing but a hot bum. Since Izzy Chicken has been moody for only a few days she might be in for a longer session.
Looking forward to my time off, the peak of which will be a week in Scone staying with my mum & dad & a chance to see all the family. Going up by train with Linda, who hasn't been back to Scotland for years, so it's a bit of an adventure for us both.
The handbrake cable went on the Punto. Looked at Barry's Haynes manual to see if I could repair it but it's a three spanner job needing some skill & the car has to be jacked up, so that'll mean a £100 or so out of my purse! The car's cost over £500 already this year with replacements for cam belt & fuel monitor!

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